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One Year Ago Today, Do you remember?

For most of us it was a normal day, except that we were watching the storm on TV as it was hammering the Gulf of Mexico. I also remember that I was a little tired but just figured it was the hours I was putting in a day, at the office, on the farm and around the house. I even told people that I was just trying to get some attention, I really wasn’t. You know being married to a nurse in the ER your little aches and pains ain’t nothing compared to what she has experienced in an 8 to 12 hour shift. Now if something is wrong she will be the first to start nursing me back to health, but the whinnying to get attention won’t work with a nurse.

Well come November 2005 after a whole lot of testing was when I was diagnosed with liver trouble. Wow that was the last thing I could have came up with! The doctor had told me for some time that I had a fatty liver, that didn’t surprise me due to the fact that I had fat every where else. The doctor then told me that a whole lot of people had fat in their liver. People over weight, perfect weight, and below weight. This usually don’t cause a problem, but in a small percentage of people it does cause the liver to be damaged.

In my family history there is a gene that a lot of the family has or is a carrier of the gene, which causes damage. In my case I have been test since I started going to Charleston, MUSC and I don’t have the gene. The doctors also questioned my job, but I could not give them any specific chemical I had been exposed to, and I told them that was about 25 years of fire. They told me that they had no data on Arson Investigators.

If I could spread two words to every one out there, be tested for the gene and if you are in a hazardous environment protect yourself, skin and lungs. I am now trying to echo what Lt. Doug Ross has been teaching about exposure, there is no need to risk your health for an investigation. Dead or sick heros can’t save any more lives!

God Bless You & Keep Safe,



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Well it is Sunday evening, and we still have not heard anything from Charleston, but still look for it to be soon. Daddy hasn’t been sleeping much at all the past few weeks and it is starting to catch up with him, along with all the same aches and pains, but besides that about the same. We are all so gracious of all the thoughts and prayers that everyone has give, and hope that you will continue to give.


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Friday Night Update

Well it has been a week now and I sure can tell you the ringing of the phone sure can make a fellow move fast or in my case wobble fast. I use to think I wobbled fast when the fire phone rang, but you let the phone ring and I wobble fast until I see if it is a state number from Charleston. One thing is for sure all will happen in God’s time not ours, and I thank God for that.

I have had a pretty good week but it has been like the ones in the past good and bad times.

Well as you know it is now that time of year for the kids to go back to school and Justin has been working so hard around here and yet getting things ready for his new apartment at school. Claire has also taken on new task around the house and when she gets home from work she not only checks to see what I need but she does the outside work before it gets dark, then comes in and does all the wife and mother things inside.

I have said in the past there is a lot of things that are hard to deal with when you just don’t feel good. The one thing that has been the hardest for me is having to let other people do things for me. I sure am blessed with a wonderful family and friends who will just jump in there and do what needs to be done, but I still have a hard time just sitting back and watching.

Oh well enough of my winning, God is good all the time to each and every one of us, so I have learned to set back enjoy the moment, oh as Claire would say I have learned to savor the moment.

The spell checker said I spelled everything right, but I don’t beleive it, so if something is wrong it’s not my fault.

God Bless You and Thank You Everyone,

Good Night,



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This is your sister, it is past my bedtime but I am trying to get this modern equipment to work and I think I have done it. I hope you sleep well tonight. I love you.


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Hey youngin’ just learming my way around this thing. How are ya today?