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Hello My Dear Family & Friends,

Well deep in Possum Kingdom it is raining today, I went out and checked the back-up power for the STOP sign in case we lose power.

Isn’t the rain so beautiful, God knows just when to send it, I noticed also he put a little chill along with the rain, at least it ain’t snow.

Well still no news just hanging out and waiting. I went to my local doctor on Monday and he increased some of my medications due to the fluid I had building up. I also went to the lab to see the vampires, don’t know when I will hear from that blood work, matter of fact I don’t even know what they were testing for.

Something I would like for each of you to do and that is be tested for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. This could give you and your family some early warning about liver and other types of problems you may have.

I have been tested and I am negative, it’s a simple blood drop test you do at home and mail in and it is free.

God Bless You All,



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Well I know I have been slow about keeping the blog updated!

I have an excuse I just have not felt good. We went to Charleston on Monday, and he has cut back on one of my medications, besides that no changes, MELD score 21now. The reason I have been skipped over is that they have had a lot of teenagers and children, but nothing big enough for me.

On Tuesday they called and put us on standby at 1900hrs, and then at 2130hrs they called back and said the liver was damaged, but we got a dry rehearsal out of that.

God Bless Ya’ll
We Love Ya’ll

The Medlocks


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Well I am back!!

I sure have had some rough roads that I have been traveling; I guess all I can say is that it is all catching up with me. But it ain’t gonna keep me down.

I even suggested that we try a bovine liver, got a laugh from the medical folks. I though that if they could use a valve for the heart, liver for live would not be much difference. You know no one has asked me to come to any medical conventions and speak about my thoughts, guess they just haven’t had one yet.

We will be traveling to Charleston on Sunday afternoon for a check up appointment on Monday, you know I will visit the vampires and they will take blood, then I will see the doctors and we will talk for a while, maybe change some of my meds around because of the fluid, then we will be headed back to Possum Kingdom Monday afternoon.

I would like to thank every one for the prayers, financial support, phone calls and visits. Please keep my family and myself in your thoughts and prayers, we all need them.

We Love You All,
God Bless You,