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December 8, 2006,

Well Pel is still in the hospital, slowly adding fluid back via IV, and then restart the diuretics a little at a time to find that happy medium. He sure sounds better today and looks a little better than he did tuesday. He still has the tremors and some hallucinations, but not nearly as bad. He is anxious to come home. We miss him so much. But this doesnt affect his space on the list, he is still top of the list for an 0 match and charleston sts if a donor becomes available we will fly him from anmed to musc via chopper. Please pray a donor will come very very soon. Surely Santa Clause has room in that big sleigh of his for a liver. It would be by far the greatest Christmas of all if he could bring Pel a liver. Thank you all for everything especially the prayers.

god Bless You