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Happy New Year

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Well can you believe it another year has gone, and boy do I have a lot to remember and be thankful for, just look at the blessings God has given me. Just in case you are keeping track I am getting close to a year since my transplant. I am still bottling the ole lung juice, I came up with a possible marketing name, protein in a jug! LOL

Not sure if you got to hear the Christmas message or not, but God is awesome, he allowed me another year and to broadcast the Christmas story one more time. Praise God Almighty.

Well are you headed to Atlanta? Well I ain’t, but Justin is. I can watch everything from my chair and my bathroom is not crowded. If you are going be careful and watch those Clemson Tigers go.

Happy New Year.

Are you a Christian?

Make 2008 the year for you!

God Bless You,