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Good Evening,

Well I am sorry for the delay in my post but something is wrong with the picture that I have been looking at. OK let me set the stage for you so you understand and can agree with me, yeah you have got to agree with me because this Restriction thing is just wrong.

OK you know I have told you about the VATS and talc pleurodesis medication back before the procedure, OK so all of that has happened. That’s when things went wrong for me, see I was place on restriction because of the possibility that I may get sick, postpone the surgery or really get bad sick. So I had two meetings that I had to go to but there was the restriction so the compromise was wear a mask the entire time and I did, bad enough right. Well since I am not sick and my energy level was OK, out came the honey do list. I have never seen so many pieces of paper in one stack in all my life and there it was staring at me and there she was tapping her foot. My excuse of I had to go somewhere well it did not work! Anyway the list goes on and my energy level left me, oh well here I am on restriction. It kind of reminds me of the old chain gang except I guess you could say I am on house arrest.

God has blessed me and my family so much I am just whinnying, you know.

Well I will be on restriction for a while; never thought surgery would be something to look forward to.

God Bless You,