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Check Up post VATS

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Well another large amount of time has past. I know that many of you have a certain day to read the blog and for messing up your system I am sorry. I have to tell you since I have retired and felling better I don’t know when I had time to work!

Well I pulled a new stunt this time going to Charleston for the check up. I talked with Ole Bum and he said he would ride down, I tempted him about the shrimp and grits, but we left Possum Kingdom at 0600hrs and arrived at the hospital at 0930hrs. My first appointment was at 1015hrs but they went ahead and took me for my chest X-ray. We then left the hospital and went to the doctor’s office, my appointment there was at 1115hrs but we got there about 1000hrs, but they took me on back. I spoke with the surgeon and he stated that he had reviewed the X-ray and he seen no fluid, he listen to my lungs and said I think we got it right this time, Praise God. I am still not back to feeling 100% but I fell much better. The thing we pulled was we drove back home the same day.

Praise God for my Gift I received from Shawn Bissell and his family.

Thank each one of you for your prayers and support.

Good Night and God Bless You,