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You know that sometimes the biggest problems are just operator errors. Today however it was not all my fault. See I use Fire Fox as my browser and therefore that is the easiest browers for me to post through. Internet Explorer, you see is very jealous and being that if I post through Fire Fox, IE will just decide to mess things up so it looks bad on me. The other part of the blame is operator error, why? Well because I knew that and I posted anyway in Fire Fox, so IE got me back it just caused a big malfunction on my blog. I had to go and deleat the posting I did in Fire Fox and recreat it in IE. Oh well as we all know the old saying, there is more than one way to skin a cat, as my ole buddy Larry says, the cat might not like it but we just ain’t gonna ask the cat and with that being said the post is complete.

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Check Out The Front Page Of The Post & Courier

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Man’s final gift saved others’ lives
Organ recipient: Bissell ‘is still alive through us’

By Ron Menchaca - contact Ron at
The Post and Courier
Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelham Medlock Jr. stood solemnly near the City Market. He bowed his head and quietly prayed as carriage horses clopped past and tourists bustled through the heart of Charleston’s visitor hub.

He stared at the pavement near the corner of North Market and Anson streets earlier this month, whispering prayerful thanks to a man he never knew.

Police still do not know the identity of the man Shawn Bissell struggled with before he died two years ago.

Shawn Bissell’s life ended at this spot two years ago in what police consider a freak accident. It left him unconscious and brain-dead but preserved his healthy organs.

Although questions still linger in Bissell’s death — his fatal fall came, in part, at the hands of an unidentified man police couldn’t locate — his family’s decision to donate his organs gave Medlock and others new lives.

Medlock was dying from a non-alcohol-related form of cirrhosis when the phone in his Upstate home rang Jan. 28, 2007. It was his wife’s birthday, and she was opening presents. But the news on the other end of the line announced a gift for him: a new liver.

“I tell myself that this was God’s will,” said Medlock, a former arson investigator in Anderson County. “Shawn had done what God sent him here to do, and for whatever reason, my time is not yet done.”

Medlock, who has struck up an e-mail connection with Bissell’s sister, Rita Batten, still travels to Charleston regularly for check-ups. After his appointments at the Medical University of South Carolina, where he received the transplant, he heads for the City Market, to pray. “I often wonder what people around me think. I guess I don’t care. It’s the part of the trip I look forward to,” he said.

Saving others

Barbara Melvin’s kidney was failing from a disorder, and the Fayetteville, N.C., woman’s wait for a donor was estimated at five years. She was steeling herself to begin grueling dialysis treatments when the call came out of the blue. It was Jerry and Rita Batten calling, a couple she’d known for years through her work as director of the North Carolina Indian Housing Authority.

To offer tips

If you have any information concerning the Jan. 27, 2007, scuffle in the Charleston City Market that led to the death of Shawn Bissell, call Charleston police at 843-577-7434 or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.

Batten’s younger brother, Bissell, had died in a fall in Charleston. The Battens knew Melvin was very sick. They wanted her to have one of Shawn’s kidneys.

Melvin thinks that accepting the gift came with a sacred duty to share her life with Bissell’s family. “I feel close to him even though I never knew him. He is still alive through us,” she said.

An unidentified man in his 50s received Bissell’s heart. Another person received his other kidney.

Seeing the joy that Shawn Bissell’s final gift brought to others helps Batten deal with the loss. She helped raise him, coddled him to sleep when he was colicky.

“It helped me tremendously with the pain of losing him. Now I have people I can talk to who are so exceedingly grateful,” she said.

But she still struggles to understand Bissell’s death.

Lingering questions

It was just after 2 a.m. Jan. 27, 2007. The downtown bars had just closed and people poured onto the sidewalks.

Bissell and a friend were leaving a bar near the City Market when they heard a man and woman arguing nearby. Bissell tried to intervene on the woman’s behalf. The other man told Bissell to mind his own business. Both men raised their fists and clashed near the sidewalk. Bissell stumbled backward in the scuffle. His head struck the pavement. He lay motionless as onlookers gathered.

The Charleston police officer who took the call left the scene 21 minutes later. He took only one witness statement, never located the mystery man in the scuffle and turned away other witnesses who offered their own accounts.

In February 2007, after The Post and Courier inquired about the department’s handling of the case and located new witnesses, investigators renewed efforts to find the mystery man and any witnesses they might have overlooked. But those efforts did not turn up any new details, and the Solicitor’s Office later decided no crime had been committed.

Police said this week that they still don’t know the identity of the man Bissell struggled with or the woman Bissell tried to protect. Bissell’s case is closed pending any new information or witnesses, police public information officer Charles Francis said.

Bissell’s childhood friend, David Alexander, always figured someone would come forward. Maybe his friend’s death still would be ruled an accident, but knowing more details might bring Bissell’s family closure.

“I thought that the girl would come forward. Shawn was trying to defend her. He basically died for her. How do you go through life knowing somebody gave their life for you?” Alexander said.

Medlock and Melvin know exactly what that’s like.

Reach Ron Menchaca at or 843-937-5724

Read the Story on-line at: Man’s final gift saved others’ lives (Monday, January 26, 2009)

My thanks to Ron for his interest in the story and even 2 years later still asking questions and seeking the truth.

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Internet Explorer Issues !!

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Hello My Dear Friends & Family,

I wanted to inform you that I have discovered issues between my blog and the Internet Explorer browser. I am working on resolving these issues so please bare with me. However my blog can be viewed in it’s entirety using the Mozilla Firefox browser, The Mozilla Firefox web browser . I hope this does not cause any problems for you and I will post as soon as I get these issues resolved.

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Good Evening My Dear Family & Friends,
Well I know it has been a very long time since I last spoke with you and for that I am sorry, but I have a reason. The reason is I have been bad and I got put on restriction, yelp just like a teenager. What am I talking about? I am so glad you ask because I really want to tell you, of course you know me so it will be short. I was very excited about a new service that I am involved in, that being an offsite, secure, automated backup service with Atlantic Computers. You know any good marketing ideas must be demonstrated so I was working with all the features and conducted a backup of my note book. That was the beginning of my restriction, you see in the fine print of the agreement with  I agreed not to violate the fair access policy. Yelp it was in the fine print but I did not read it I just check that box that said I Agree, you know that box.  being a satellite service will only allow me to download 17G and upload 5G in any 30 days. These 30 days are figured such as a sliding scale of 30 days not billing period. The end result was they sent me a warning e-mail on December 9 so I called pretty upset because my speed was about half of what it had been. I expressed my feelings and told them that I expected my speeds to be restored because now I know and I will be more careful. In the matter of hours my speeds were restored. Then on December 11 I received yet another e-mail explaining that my speeds were going to be slowed because I had violated the fair access policy. Well this time I was very upset set because you see my normal speeds are about 120k up and 1.5m down. This time they slowed my speeds to 20 to 30 k up and about 125k down. I advised them that I could not understand  why after the warning and my talk my speeds were restored and then two days later they cut me way back. It was concluded that the first time my speeds dropped was the weather so my little talk really did not do any good. This time I keep going up the ladder requesting that someone could reset my speeds. I had climbed the service tree at and got nowhere. I then ask to speak with someone from corporate, but they would not contact me, so after the second request and me advising them that they needed to understand that I was out of my contract and my $80.00 a month should mean something. I then waited and was informed once again that nothing could be done and corporate has never returned my request. I then started my research once again to find another IP so I could prove to that I could carry my business somewhere else. I am now going to share with you the conclusion of my research, I am 4000’ to far away for Charter Cable and AT&T tell me to hang on DSL is coming, so to you I will keep my service as of now and watch my every item I upload or download.
Well I hope your Christmas was awesome for us here in Possum Kingdom it was ole Santa Clause came once again, sure seems like the rules are a little more lax than they were when I was a kid. Abigail did get a Wii and that has been a challenge for me but so far I have cause no physical damage to anything inside the house. In case you don’t remember when Abigail & I went to visit Justin last year, I was bowling and Leroy, Justin’s dog, came over and sat down just as I was working on a strike. In stead I hit Leroy in the nose and I did not have the lanyard on so the remote flew across the room striking the TV. The TV was fine, Leroy’s nose was sore but the remote was busted on the rechargeable battery side. The game is just awesome and will give you a real workout, because you have to be so interactive. We got to spend time with our family, we went by to visit Mama Holiday as she is still in the bed suffering from Alzheimer’s. We as a family got together several times to eat and eat.
The New Year has got off to a great start and I had to travel down to Charleston to see Dr. Wilner, my liver doctor, he was so pleased with everything as far as the liver was concerned that he has put me on a yearly checkup with him. Dr. DeRosimo, my thoracic surgeon, has release me and he sees no fluid in my chest on the last two chest x-rays. I now have to go back to Charleston in March to see Dr. Sahn, my lung doctor, to see what he thinks. I am trying to catch something right now I think it is just a cold.
I am not sure what you may think about the weather but here in Possum Kingdom it is just plain cold. You know it’s bad when you have to send out messages to tell people to warm up their scraps so the Possums can stay warm. Yesterday I went to the road and discovered a new specialty in Possum Kingdom and that being we now had Possumsickles , you know that’s the one that did not make it across the road on a very cold night, the tail makes a great stick to hold it by.
Well the hour is late and I must go take a nap.
God Bless You,