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Time Lost In Possum Kingdom

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Well Good Evening,

I know this is a shock for most of us, but it is for real it’s really me writing again. First of all I want to say I am sorry for so much lost time. I guess one of the best excuses I can give is that I have been feeling so good I have not had time to sit down and write. OK, I know you are thing what’s wrong now, I can proudly say nothing, I just made myself sit down and write.

OK let me try to catch you up in a short post.

I hope yo had a great Thanksgiving as we did, we went camping at Calhoun Falls and had a great time and you should have seen that spread of food we had.

Me, I am doing just great, God pours out his blessing on me each day. I am still an active busy Mr. Mom, pay is still below minimum wage but it’s a great job. I am still busy with Atlantic Computers, so remember me when you have that computer need. I still go to Charleston once a year for a check up, that amounts to a drive down for some good ole Shrimp n Grits at the Charleston Crab House. Things here at the farm are going good and glad to see the rain. I have been busy with a new addition to the family, Chief. Chief, Abigail & I have been in training class most of the year from basic to advanced classes. Chief is now a Certified Good Citizen from AKC and we are headed to becoming a therapy team.

Claire has completed her BSN from South University and we are so proud of her. She finally hung up AnMed after almost 26 years with most of that being in the emergency department. She is now happily employed by Hospice Of The Upstate, Home Care. I never would have believed how happy she can be and how much stress is gone for her and us.

Justin graduated from Winthrop University in May with a teaching certificate, MajorĀ  in Physical Education and a Minor in Health. His hope of course was to teach PE some where and maybe get an assistant football coach. North Augusta Middle School hired him as the PE teacher and offered him the head football coach position, he accepted. The team had an incredible year, they completed the year undefeated and winning the city and county championships. He was also an assistant coach on the North Augusta Varsity team who made it to the third round of playoffs. It is still just him and his dog Leroy.

Abigail is doing great and making great strides in school but of course she has that pre-teen attitude. She has been playing fast pitch softball while maintaining her grades and remaining on the AB honor role. She is a Red-Neck, County, Daddy’s Girl.

Well the girls are in bed, Chief is snoring behind the chair and Sampson is wrapped up in a blanket, so I should put the boys to bed and call it a night.

I hope you have an awesome night,

God Bless You,