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Chill In Possum Kingdom

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Merry Christmas my friends. The chill of winter is around and about us and the excitement of Christmas is in the air. Can you believe Santa Clause is already packing his sleigh! Well the past few mornings here in Possum Kingdom we have had some young snow (that’s a heavy frost) and some mighty cold temperatures, like yesterday morning it got down to 7.8F and this morning it was a balmy 11F. Well these cold mornings makes it a little more difficult to get up and going, so I take advantage of the need to do things in the house. Like what you ask? You know the Mr. Mom stuff and by the way the pay is way to low but the rewards are incredible.

Charleston has me going to labs once every three months and looking at the reports, my liver is just as happy as it can be, matter of fact everything is happy. I have to watch those sugar numbers they creep up and then I look at the scales and they went up. I have to keep the weight down, they want me to stay at 280 and I am at 286, so the docs won’t fuss. I have to go see Dr. Kopp in Anderson in January and Dr. Willner in Charleston in February.

Chief and I will be testing in January for our final test to become a therapy dog team, this test will be around wheel chairs, crutches, walkers, canes and of course people on these appliances. Chief says that as longs as they don’t get on his tail he won’t mind, did I tell you Chief is an English Bulldog born at Happy Cow Creamery.

OK it’s off to work now, you see Claire can tell when I posted this and she knows I am suppose to be on the clock so I guess I better get busy now with my Mr. Mom stuff. I hope you have an incredibly great day and remember to share the reason for the season with that person God puts in your path today.

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