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Changing Of The Seasons

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Good afternoon,

I sure hope you are having a great day and I hope you are looking forward to the cooler weather and to the beautiful colors God has planned for us this fall.

I wanted to post a quick note and let you know how much it means to me for you to take your time and check in on me. I am sorry for my lack of postings. I am still doing well and now I only get to go to Charleston once a year to eat shrimp and grits and oh yeah I stop by and see the doctor then also. In the past four years I have been blessed to learn the corner on which Shawn, my donor fell so I stop by there and lift up a prayer to Almighty God in Shawn’s remembrance and pray for his family, my family and thank God for my health.

The doctors are all pleased with my blood work, the last one showed everything right in line of where it should be, except for my blood sugar. It has been creeping up in the past couple of years and now I am on some oral medication to help control it. I have also tried to learn what foods are better and which ones act like poison to me and will spike me blood sugar level and put me to sleep.

Claire tells me my birthdays are catching up with me because I now have to wear reading glasses on rare occasions. You know if it is the birthdays catching up I am proud because if you remember my birthdays almost got canceled back in 2007. God is Great.

Justin has just started his second season at North Augusta Middle School as head football coach, Daddy, Deda, Abigail and myself traveled to North Augusta last evening to watch them whoop up on Paul Knox Middle School, final score NAMS - 20 and PKMS - 12

Abigail has just started fall softball and Tuesday night she got the game ball for hitting not one but two home runs, yelp I was a proud Daddy.

Well my list of things to do today is still look pretty long to me so better get busy, I would hate to lose my Mr. Mom position.

Have a great day!

God Bless You,