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Rainy Days In Possum Kingdom

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well I guess if you are going to be sick, be sick on rainy days and you won’t feel as lazy for sitting around in the house.

Well I have been good at following most of the directions that has been ordered, I was grounded for Abigail’s Softball game on Tuesday and Justin’s Football game on Wednesday and guess what happened, both of them lost their games. As most of you know that since my transplant I have had some issues with my blood sugar. The numbers were coming down and things looking good until this week. I have not cheated much on my diet and have eaten very little of the things I should not, but yesterday after a good breakfast and eating nothing else at 2:00 PM I check my levels and it was over 400. I called my doctor and he said for me to stop the Prednisone and I did and my levels are dropping slowly. I have figured out one thing the Prednisone was working on the pain because the pain is coming back. If I am not a lot better by Friday, tomorrow I am suppose to call the doctor’s office, not sure what to do right now.

Well I guess I should say good night because Chief is resting so well I don’t want to wake him.

God Bless You,

Pel & Chief