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5 Years Ago

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Well most of you don’t know this but 5 years ago today I retired from Anderson County Arson Unit. Today was much like that day 5 years ago, I just had a quite uneventful day. I am proud of my time I worked as a dedicated Anderson County Fire Commission employee. I am so proud of the 27 fire departments in the county because the fire commission may have not waved good bye but the the fire departments and firefighters sure did. I have lifelong friendships that were forged and nothing can ever break them. You know one of the great things is when I retired 5 years ago I only had about six months left to live short of a liver transplant according to the doctors. I now wonder how many bets were lost as you can tell I am still here, in other words I am not writing from the grave. I will have to say that my new job, Mr. Mom is the best job but the pay not so much, kind of compares to my pay as a public servant.

Well the pneumonia is better but still here, I was however able to go to Piedmont this afternoon to watch Abigail play softball, they tied and played a great game. I am looking forward to going to North Augusta Wednesday to watch Justin’s team win again.

I am going to say good night now I think the game and travel has wore me out so I am headed to bed.

God Bless You & Good Night,