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October in Possum Kingdom

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Well October has started off with a busy fall schedule.

Chief and I went to Greer Monday evening on a therapy dog visit and going to Carolina Behavioral is such a blessing because the folks there really appreciate us being there, we know because they tell us and we can see the smiles. Tuesday afternoon brings a softball game and of course the discussion of the evening was, why did you not bring your math book home. Of course you know us Medlocks so for punishment I refused to stop at Pete’s Of Piedmont to eat with some of the team. However I did have to celebrate her home run hit with 2 RBI, so we stopped at the drive thru at McDonald’s for an ice cream. Wednesday I had to make a trip to Anderson to my lung doctor to see if I was still sick. NP Hall state that she could no longer hear the pneumonia but I have to keep my regiment going for another week and I have to return for a lung x-ray in a month. During the examination she did observe a bruise on my left back of chest area and of course there was a discussion. I then explained that last Saturday we had a cow to give birth to a healthy bull. Well for the ones of you that don’t know it is not a good idea to have to more than one bull in the pasture and besides that a steer will bring more at market than a bull will, so when we have a bull calf born the calf will get banded. Daddy will usually catch and band the calf within the first few hours of the birth, as was the case this time. Daddy went down in the woods by himself to band this calf, he placed a rope on the calf and about this time the mama cow had a real problem with this so she charged Daddy. Daddy retreated backward as the cow rapidly approached him and then Daddy fell backward on the ground stopping just short of a large rock behind his head. The mad mama cow with her head down in the charging mode stopped just as her head reached Daddy’s chest, so close he could feel her but she never hit him. The mama cow then retreated back to her calf. Daddy then decided that since they was just behind Meleeda and Anthony’s house he would get Anthony to come and help keep the mama cow off of him while he banded the calf, this was a good theory but it quickly turned to a bad idea. The next idea was to call fat boy, me to the woods to help distract the mad mama cow. Keep in mind she is really mad by now. Abigail, Rebel and I arrived on the gator to handle this mad mama cow. I got my stick and walked over to the cow and tapped her a couple of times, she acknowledged my presence by dropping her head but it was not a greeting and after a short snort she came after me like a blow fly after a honey wagon ( septic truck). She hit me with her head as I was retreating backward which did speed up my backwards momentum and then I quickly decelerated as I struck a couple of small trees just prior to falling to the ground, losing my hat and shoe and coming to rest in a gully. The mama cow then very quickly returned to stand by the side of her new born calf. Daddy has now made an upper management decision that was if we could get the rope off the calf the calf could remain a bull. I was still trying to get the leaves out of my hat and shoe and gasping for a quick breath and was able to utter a few words of wisdom saying, I had her distracted why did Y’all not deal with the calf while I had the cow down here in the woods. Daddy and Anthony both felt I should have kept the cow occupied longer. We of course had changed our goal now from banding the calf to just trying to turn him a lose. I walked back toward the cow and she acknowledged that she was ready for round two, I too acknowledged that I did not want leaves in my hat and shoe again. Abigail also acknowledged that there were things at the house she needed to do so she left the woods for the house. We made other moves to try to get the rope off the calf but the mama cow did not take kindly to any of our motions. I then got on the gator and drove around to the other side of the cow and calf and place the gator between me and the cow, she only looked on. I parked the gator and walked to the back and as I cleared the rear of the gator she heard a voice in her head that said “Get Fat Boy” and here she came so as she dodged the gator and some trees she was lured down in the woods a few feet, but long enough for the rope to be removed from the calf. By now you have gotten wrapped in this story and forgot where I was headed with all of this. It was the fact that NP Hall saw the hide that was scraped and the bruise on my back and she wanted to know what happened. I told her the cow was trying  to shake up the pneumonia for me. She did not think that was a good treatment plan and even put me on restriction from being propelled backwards by a cow and stopped by a tree, of course I’m in favor of that. I figured that I should not excite her with any other questions so I kept my mouth shut about Justin’s game later on that day.

I got home from Anderson in time to get ready, pick up Daddy and then we went to get Abigail from school and hit the road for Justin’s ballgame in Graniteville, SC. We enjoyed the game and of course the privilege to watch Justin coach his team, the game did not turn out how we hoped but we enjoyed ourselves. The next big dilemma of course is where we should eat. We had eat at a Huddle House the last time and I just did not want to eat there again so we drove on to Edgefield and stopped at La Fogata which was in an old Hardee’s building. We opened the truck door and right away recognized the odor, it was that of chicken liter, we then observed a trailer parked in the rear that was a poultry transport trailer, it was empty of poultry but there was no question that the poultry had been there. The food was great and the smell did not find it’s way to the inside but waited outside for us. We then made it back home with out any other events.

Thursday started out kind of slow and tired but the day went well and ended up the afternoon with a 6:00 PM softball game. The girls played a good game and I agreed to the traditional supper at Pete’s Of Piedmont and the Tilapia plate is just awesome.

Sunday morning I had the honor to combine my Sunday School class with the Spiritual Workers class and our main focus for the lesson was, be sure if you say it’s in the Bible be sure it is. We were privileged to have Rev. Jimmy Smith to preach at church this morning and evening, we enjoyed worshiping God together today.

Well another week gone and as I close this post I have just observed that it is 12:10 AM so a new week has begun. I hope you have an awesome week, smile at everyone you meet and let them see the love of God in you.

God Bless You,


If you meet me and forget me you lose nothing……

If you meet my God and forget Him you lose everything…….