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Summer 2012

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Summer 2012 has been one for the record books. Abigail got out of school the first of June and before that first week was over, I heard a phrase I would grow tired of hearing that being; This Is The Boringest Summer Ever. Nevertheless we have survived and school starts this week. I hope Abigail learns a lot and we all survive these teen age years.

In a rear view of the summer is has been pretty good.

Right when school was out Meleeda, my sister had her knee replaced, that timing was so she did not have to miss school while recovering. God has truly answered prayer as she has healed up and walking up to 2 miles per day and was ready for today as her classes started today, so she hit the road early this morning in her bus and then to her classroom of brand new computers. I hope she has a great year.

We adventured out this year at a time we normally don’t, we went camping during the week of July 4 at Lake Hartwell and it sure was hot but we survived. The lake was low, near 10 feet the whole time but we still went out boat riding and tubing. It was much to hot for fishing. Claire and Meleeda fixed on of Claire’s recipes, Crock Pot Barbeque and the only thing wrong with them was there was still some left and I could not eat any more. We played cards and other things to help amuse the kids during the hottest part of the day.

Claire has survived this summer pretty, as the heat is rough on her in and out of the car at patient’s houses and she has kept a full load all summer long.

Justin has football under way with their first game a win against TL Hanna and a win for North Augusta. His students return this week and he will be starting try outs for the middle school football team. He has been warning Holly, his girlfriend that his time just got limited and as sweet as she is she will understand.

Well I went to a new doctor the other day because I have been whining about my shoulders hurting since back in my 30’s. I even went to one doctor before I got sick and he told me using a shovel was very bad on my shoulder and that I needed to find a new career, so I found a new doctor. Later I was chasing a suspect and fell, probably was not gonna catch him anyway, but messed up my wrist. I went to a new orthopedic doctor and after my wrist healed he told me I needed surgery on both shoulders. My left one was hurting real bad he worked on it, cut the end of a bone off to give more room. I never had the right one worked on because my liver wanted attention, so I figured it was a little more important. Nevertheless my shoulders did not fix themselves so I went to see Dr. Alan Posta and I figured I was 30 years ahead of Daddy, see he was in his 70’s when they replaced his shoulder. Dr. Posta looked at the X-rays and said their was no need to go any further even an MRI would not show him more that what he could see with the X-ray. He said that both of my shoulders were worn out and I had to have a total shoulder replacement on both of them. Of course you know how special I am, I have to have permission from everybody before surgery can be scheduled. I’m hoping that it will be the middle to end of September, God has a plan and he has even entered it into his schedule. The only thing for me to do now is Don’t Worry Be Happy and that’s what I am doing.

This will slow down my pet therapy visits for a while but Chief will be still working as I will need therapy.

I hope you day is filled with all of the blessings God has planned for you, so look to him so you don’t miss any of them.

God Bless You,