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Just In Case You Were Wondering !!!!!

Yep, I can still type, maybe not spell and I am still around to harass everybody. I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank each of you for your prayers, phone calls, cards, flowers and even the lemons. I enjoyed them all.

The meds the doc sent me home sure has been rough on my stomach, but I will be finished tomorrow.

I am headed to AnMed right now to have blood drawn for Charleston so they can place me back active on the list and fresh blood work will allow them to figure my meld score so they will know were to place me on the list. When I went in the hospital my MELD score was 22 but MUSC said that was because of the infection.

Well I must go now, but will make other comments later.

Remember Fire Prevention and smoke detectors saves lives, please practice and check your smoke detectors and your neighbor’s (EDITH - Exit Drill In The Home) and be sure they have a smoke detector and that it works.

God Bless Each One Of You,

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