April Is Donate Life Month

The time had come for me to make the wonderful trip back to windy Charleston, SC. The weather was windy and cold. The news from the doctor’s visit was great. Dr. Chavin, my surgeon checked in on me and then told me to have a Great Life, meaning he was turning me back over to Dr. Willner a hepatologist at MUSC. I then had to go see the fine folks at the diabetes floor, they checked me out said I did not need any medication. They also told me to have a great life, said they was nothing for them to do.

I then went to Thank the staff on 6-east and found out that it was
Transplant Nurse Week @ MUSC, so I got to Thank them in person.

On Wednesday April 18, 2007 I got to honor two other wonderful nurses,
Debra & Dru.

I want to Thank every one who has had any part to do with my transplant, I owe you more than I can ever repay.

April Is Donate Life Month - Please fill out your donor card and talk with your family about your wishes.

On Sunday April 22, 2007 I will be speaking at Open Door Community Church in Cheddar, please come and join us to praise and honor
God Almight.
If You would like for me to come to your church or any other type gathering, e-mail me at chiefashdigger@juno.com
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