Rainy Charleston

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Hello My Dear Family and Friends,

Well today is Friday and the 10th day here in the hospital in Charleston, but even though it is raining they threw me out today. Claire, Abigail and myself have arrived at the motel and preparing to have a good evening and then travel home tomorrow.

Why have I been in the hospital? To discover the cause for the plural effusion, now 10 days later they explained to us this morning they still have no answers. The test that was sent to Salt Lake City returned today and it was negative, therefore ruling out the liver and other stomach areas, but leaving nothing but questions.

We have to return to Charleston on Tuesday to see the surgeons to talk about more lung area surgery, we will see.

Kind of tired now, so I will go. Thanks for the prayers, visits, and calls.

We Love You All,
God Bless You,


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