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Change The Weather and Look What Happens

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Good afternoon,

Well as I have stated before I am trying to do better about posting so here goes.

This cooler weather sure has has felt good and I have felt good therefore I had a productive weekend. I have been working on a big walk in closet and I finally got the walls ready to paint, found out why God did not make me a sheet rock finisher. I started putting on the primer after I removed the wallpaper and pulled the facing off the sheet rock, therefore it sucked up the primer, so after two coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, 4 gallons total later we have a Butter Cookie colored wall. Saturday Daddy had put the cows in the barn and we separated them from the ones going to the sell barn and the ones we are keeping, then church on Sunday and practice before and after Sunday evening service, just a good busy weekend.

Monday morning got Abigail to school and returned home felling great, while I was brushing my tooth with my right hand I had an terrible sharp pain in my left lung area. It was not a heart pain but in my lung, so no fussing. I thought it would go away just as quick as it came, but it did not. I had to carry Abigail to the dentist and my lung doctor is in the same building so I dropped in to see what they though. They ordered a x-ray and made an appointment Tuesday for the results. The results shocked me because if the sharp pain was not there I felt ok. The results showed that I have pneumonia so I am grounded for a few days and loading up on high powered antibiotics and prednisone, so a few days of being lazy I should be ready to harass my family and friends once again.

Time to hit the chair again and be lazy, happy rainy day to you all.

God Bless You,


If you meet me and forget me you lose nothing…………
If you meet my God and forget Him you lose everything…….